#1052 Family Taco Tuesday for a Month

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CAD $200.00 Retail Value
CAD $ 50.00 Opening Bid
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Taco Tuesday for the whole family for a month courtesy of Quesada Burrito & Taco (Bayfield Street):

Let us supply the ingredients with a Build Your Own Tacos Station for 4 people. It’s just like having a mini Quesada in your home.

o 3 tortillas per person (mix of soft flour or crispy corn)
o Your choice of (2) meats or veggies ( vegan and vegetarian requirement)
o Rice and black beans
o Guacamole & salsas made fresh in-house: Salsa Chipotle,
Salsa Verde & Salsa Roja
o Taco toppings made- in house : fresh chopped red onion, corn,
diced tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, fresh chopped cilantro,
chopped jalapeno, sliced pickled onions, sour cream, paprika
mayo, Mexican street slaw

Plus plates, cutlery and napkins (so you don’t have to do the dishes) and bottles of water to quench your thirst.

Must be redeemed at Quesada Barrie (331 Bayfield Street). One redemption per week (Tuesday) for 4 weeks.

Follow Quesada Burrito & Taco on IG: @quesadaburritobarrie

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