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Learn Google Analytics with digital developer Chris Vonditsianos:

Learn how to maximize your company's digital exposure by learning the in's and out's of Google Analytics, perfect for beginners or those who want to up their game.

Chris is the owner of the data-driven digital marketing company Vondivelopment. After successfully creating and launching his clothing branding company MLUA, Chris refined his expertise and solely began focusing on digital marketing.

Since then Chris founded his digital development company, Vondivelopment. He has achieved several certifications in the digital marketing space from organizations such as Google and the University of California, Davis. He is very passionate and skilled in helping businesses optimize their digital presence. Chris is currently the e-commerce and analytics specialist at Digital Main Street Barrie. In February Chris had the opportunity of being a guest speaker at a seminar in Barrie, Ontario. The topic was focused on analytics and e-commerce. He then most recently spoke on a webinar in accordance with the recent COVID-19 pandemic and how to utilize analytics & e-commerce through these times.

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