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A collection of soothing downloadable guided meditations by Mickey Eves, On Purpose/Healing Sprites:

During these difficult time it's more important than ever to learn to calm your mind, something that's easier said than done! Especially for our tweens and teens. Now is the perfect time to learn with this series of seven (7) downloadable guided meditations that release stress and invite in calm and confidence.

Life is supposed to be filled with joy, laughter, health and abundance!

All throughout your life you will experience difficult situations, challenging moments and stressful circumstances. It can be frustrating and exhausting . . . until you learn to USE them to your advantage! Those moments are all a part of developing your character and preferences in life. It is a real sign of strength and courage to seek help when you are faced with a situation that you are unable to maneuver easily on your own or with little difficulty.

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