Unique Mossberg 500A

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This one-of-a-kind commemorative shotgun proudly hung in JPFO headquarters for many years. We are now putting it up for auction to raise funds for future projects. Please read full details here - http://jpfo.org/articles-assd04/athens-mossberg.htm

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DISCLAIMER: 1. This auction is open to any legal U.S. resident over the age of 18 (or the minimum legal age for purchasing a firearm in the bidder's state) who is not prohibited from receiving or owning this firearm.
2. The firearm will be shipped from an FFL in Wisconsin to an FFL in the winning bidder's state. The winning bidder is responsible for arranging the services of a local FFL of his/her choice and will be solely responsible for any fees charged by that FFL. JPFO does not participate in the monetary transactions between receiving FFL and the winning bidder, including any fees for processing or licensing.
3. JPFO will pay for shipping and fees from the originating Wisconsin FFL.
4. Winning bidder agrees to observe all federal, state, and local laws regarding receiving and owning this firearm.
5. The winning bidder is responsible for any required taxes. If the winning bidder is a resident of Wisconsin, a 5.6% sales tax will be added to the price.
6. By bidding, you acknowledge that you are not legally prohibited from owning or taking possession of firearms.
7. The winning bidder releases JPFO from any liability resulting from the use or misuse of the auction item.
8. JPFO is not responsible for damage or loss caused by errors in the system or by interruption of Internet traffic.

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