#5 Custom D&D Adventurers League Game Designed & Ran - FOR YOU!

# 5 Online Item

Priceless Retail Value
US $ 300.00 Opening Bid
US $ 5.00 Min. Bid Increment
US $50.00 Shipping / Processing


Connor will speak with you about what you want from a Spelljammer D&D game and then write the perfect experience for you and up to 4 of your friends! After running this adventure, you will receive credit in the final publication, as well as online and physical copies of the adventure.

For an ending bid over $600, Connor will commission custom art for the cover and provide each player poster prints.

If you would rather the adventure not be AL-legal, that is okay too. :-)

Additional Information

This item does have significant turnaround time. Connor will communicate with you along the way to see your bid is fulfilled.

D8 Summit Charities Incorporated

Thank you for your support!

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