#19 AL Cert - Banofee the Screaming Goat

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This goat screams at the sight of dinosaurs. They are a good goat. They might also scream at pretty much anything. So I mean, maybe not the best goat? But Banofee can be your goat. And it can be summoned as a familiar or a mount with the appropriate spell. Also... goat.

While quantities last, you can gain a cert providing a screaming goat to your Adventurers League character. Language on the cert allows your pet to be summoned using Find Familiar or Find Steed, but who would let harm befall this screaming menace of cuteness? This cert will be mailed to your home via USPS, and I am willing to ship it around the globe.

I will relist this cert if somebody pays the "Buy It Now" price, but only while I have printed copies.

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