#28 Sprinkler Time at Growing to Give

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Sprinkler Time at Growing to Give
14"W x 11"H


13 Wildes Rd
Bowdoinham, ME 04008
H: 207-666-3631 C: 207-798-0668

I am an artist photographer residing in Bowdoinham, Maine. I have been making and altering photographic images for over 30 years. I am an inquisitive experimenter
I have learned to restructure my thinking in the digital age, blending the old with the new. I am now practicing the ancient painting medium of encaustic wax with my photography. “Encaustic” means to burn In. Beeswax is mixed with damar resin and heated so that it becomes liquid. The hot wax medium is tinted with a powdered pigment and applied in layers. Each layer is fused with heat (gun, torch or heated instrument/tool). I add or subtract the wax, using dental tools to scribe or make texture on the surface. Fiber, paper, or various objects can be embedded into the wax creating surface texture, luminosity and meaning.

1. I once went to Growing to Give Farm as a gleaner for growing to give for Brunswick Food Pantry. This is how I found out about your farm.
2. My friend Suzanne Astolfi told me about the auction and that you were looking for artist to donate to the auction.
3. I came to Growing to Give one day and took many photographs of all the plants and the land and chose just a few of many interesting images of your farm.
4. I took a few panoramic scenes and I came during the watering of many plants and I liked the way the sprinklers were above the plants and were spraying water all over the plants. The sprinklers gave a misty look to the sky above the plants.
I cannot glean any more as the heat this summer just has drained me. I contracted Covid 19 in March when I went to New Orleans,LA. I have fully recovered from Covid 19 but it has changed the world. I am one of the lucky ones. I have been staying close to home and working on my art for many months now and this has given me the opportunity to show my work to another community.

Additional Information

If the winning bidder is unable to come to the farm for pickup, please contact us for delivery options. 207-837-4670

Growing to Give

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