"Carrying Our Tradition Forward" by Kyle (Navajo), Age 14

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***Please note that while Kyle did not win the contest, he did still want to auction his painting and donate the proceeds to his chosen charity!***

Acrylic Art on #3 Canvas, 20" x 24”

In the artist's own words, "I’m always told by my Aunty that “Children are medicine”. Sometimes she has me do a prayer because she says my medicine is stronger than hers. So right away I knew I had to include kids in my piece. Tradition is taught and learned through food, clothing, language, storytelling, prayer, and participation. If you want to learn, someone is always willing to teach. Just ask. In my piece. I did a Yeí bi Cheii doing a prayer, offering corn pollen to the morning sunrise with 3 children by his side. Children are medicine, our prayers are stronger. I wanted to show that the kids are watching & learning. “Carrying our Tradition Forward"."

When asked what he would do with the proceeds of the auction, Kyle said, "I choose Dig Deep's Navajo Water Project because my 96-year-old great-grandma Grace has no running water or indoor plumbing and Dig Deep helped her."

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