"Father to Daughter" by Elle (Navajo (Diné)/San Carlos Apache), Age 19

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Acrylic on Canvas

In the artist's own words, "In this painting, I used acrylic paint, canvas, and paintbrushes. The painting is about what my father has taught me when I was a child. I wanted to paint something of what a child would think of first when taught about the Native American Church. When I was younger he taught me the meaning of peyote meetings, the feathers we use in our fans, meaning of cedar and sage. The painting represents just that. He was taught by his grandfather and father about the Native American Church and is now teaching me so that I can teach my little one."

When asked what she would do with the proceeds of the auction, Elle said, "I would like to donate to the Southwest Indian Foundation. Southwest Indian Foundations is located in Gallup, New Mexico. My hometown."

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