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Meet tigers, lions, cougars, and more on an exclusive private tour at Carolina Tiger Rescue with your friends and family members! Bring a group of up to 10 people total. You'll take a safe, half-mile walk through the sanctuary and be within 6 feet of the beautiful animals who call Carolina Tiger Rescue home. Many of the resident animals have been rescued from roadside zoos, backyards, basements, and lives of exploitation at the hands of entertainment facilities.

Today, they thrive in large outdoor enclosures, receive a healthy and natural diet, get plenty of enrichment, and are cared for by knowledgeable professionals. Come get a glimpse into their lives and learn how your daily choices impact the future of these beautiful and powerful predators. Carolina Tiger Rescue is located in Pittsboro, NC.

Valid for up to 10 guests. Advanced registration is required.

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