Haudenosaunee Ribbon Skirt

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Unique hand sewn Ribbon Skirt made by acclaimed designer Kawenniiosta Jock, owner of KSJ Designs. Once purchased, Kawenniiosta will custom tailor the skirt to fit.

"Simple but Classy" Elizabeth Studios Strawberry Print in Black with Black Satin Panel and Applique Design. White Satin Ribbons with Embroidery Stitching in Copper and Embroidery Lace Trim. Black Elastic Waist Band.

This skirt will be custom fitted to the buyers measuments. Can be made up to a Womens XL depending on measuments given.


"Ribbon Skirts are not only a distinct fashion piece to the non-indigenous eye but are also a historical and traditional form of identity among native women. Skirts are worn not only in traditional ceremonies but now in political protests, the U.S. Congress, and more recently the Minnesota Governor’s office.

"The ribbon skirt, which is a symbol of womanhood amongst native communities, tells a story of adaptation and survival. Mainly how tribal communities have adopted western culture and made it our own. The skirt: sacred, spiritual and political holds centuries worth of history between its seams."
- Kayla Duoos, Leech Lake News

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**Please Note: Once purchased, skirt will be remade to customer preference and tailored to fit**

Kawenniiosta Jock is a Wolf Clan member of the Haudenosaunee community located on the Ahkwesashne Mohawk Territory. Miss Jock is the owner and operator of KSJ Designs which is a small clothing company that specializes in High-End Ready-To-Wear Women’s Wear, also specializing in custom Traditional Clothing for Women, Men, and Children.

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