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Artist: Lydia Nsiah

Blind embossing by letterpress on white paper, thread stitching. supplement: epilog and photo print. Edition of 50 9.3 x 6.9 inches. (2019)

The art book is part of my work series on forgetting. It includes the movie tie-in story of
to forget (Film with the same title – see Works) written by myself and paraphrased sentences out of fiction novels by Audre Lorde, Octavia E. Butler, Lydia Davis, James Baldwin, Andy Warhol et al. These excerpts deal with stories on the forgetting of love, of good and bad experiences, of family, of points of origin, of personas, of the future, present and past.

In my (re)appropriation these sentences are ‘implanted‘ in my own short fiction story. To stamp in the ephemeral of the reading process as such, the text is engraved into the white pages of the book. As supplement I include an epilogue and a photo print each in black and white.
-Lydia Nsiah

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