Masia el Altet S.L. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Masia el AItet S.L
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Masfa El Altet estate obtained its first great harvest in 2005. They
decided at that moment to anticipate the changing times and pick the olive
green. Its first great ambassador was the chef Joel Robuchon who introduced
it into his restaurants from the first tasting. Joel Robuchon is the chef with
most Michelin stars on the whole planet, with an incredible 32. Joel
Robuchon died in August 2018.
From that moment on up to the present day, Masfa EI Altet extra virgin olive
oils have received more than 600 awards. It has received a special award in
almost each and everyone of the competitions it has participated in. On
every continent.
Best of Class A ward
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Premium, Spain
Gold Medal A ward
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, High Quality, Spain
Gold Medal A ward
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Changlot Real, Special Selection, Spain
$90.00 Value

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