Wildlife Books, 3-Pack

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This special collection from Rocky Mountain Books includes:

1. Reindeer Reflections
By Jerry Haigh

A fascinating look at the state and fate of caribou in North America, along with the millennia-long practice of reindeer herding in Finland, Russia, and Mongolia.

2. Takaya, Lone Wolf
By Cheryl Alexander

An enchanting and evocative look at the unique relationship between a solitary, island-dwelling wolf and a renowned wildlife photographer.

3. Tracking Lions, Myth, and Wilderness in Samburu
By Jon Turk

A provocative look at the vital connection between human beings, the natural world and meaningful knowledge.

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About Rocky Mountain Books (RMB)

Founded in 1979 by passionate and renowned mountaineers Tony and Gillean Daffern (they sold the company in 2004), RMB has grown to become one of Canada’s more vibrant, long-standing and evolving book publishers. Established to specialize primarily in guidebooks for hikers, climbers and skiers, RMB has repositioned itself for the 21st century and now successfully publishes and promotes a dynamic, growing list of provocative, engaging and award-winning books on mountain history, adventure travel, outdoor lifestyle, environmental consciousness, Indigenous culture, and contemporary photography—as well as a growing selection of bestselling books for children.

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