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Katy Haas


The singular beauty of a pink waterlily against the deep contrasting blue is a canvas that will change a room. This acrylic painting measures 21x27".

“I utilize my paintbrush or pastels as tools to create a story within my paintings. In our busy world we never get the opportunity to look at the details. I put those details into my paintings so everybody can enjoy their beauty. Even though I paint realistically, when I paint an object larger than it is or I take a very small section of an object and paint it, the realism can become abstract.

The beauty and intricacies of everything around me inspires my work. Even the smallest, most mundane item can have beauty. If I tell a story within the painting that can evoke a feeling in the observer then I feel I have done my job.

In my paintings I concentrate on the relationship between the shadows and the light. I enjoy painting the sun as it shines through the flower as a warm glow in my acrylics, or as it glimmers on a lake in one of my pastels. Color is another way I try to transport my observer in to the picture. My colors are vivid and strong in my acrylic work. For the most part I make the color and feeling in my pastels one of serenity.

My art gives meaning in a hectic world around me. It is my form of meditation. I paint for the sheer joy of painting, for the emotional high it gives me. It is my way of expressing who I am to the world.”

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