Robert Bateman signed lithograph: ARCTIC CLIFF—WHITE WOLVES

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Robert Bateman hand-signed lithograph entitled Arctic Cliff—White Wolves. Conservation Edition—1218/2000. INCLUDES ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY and FACT SHEET about the artist and the artwork. Lithograph is in mint condition, still in the original sleeve and storage box, unframed. Size: 20.25 x 32.5

Bateman is recognized worldwide for his dedication to conservation. White wolves are silent but powerful storytellers, reminding us of the perils faced by Arctic wildlife in the midst of global warming. Proceeds will support Sustainable Woodstock's work to educate and empower all in our collective efforts to fight climate change.

FROM THE ARTIST: "The wolves have been arranged to induce the excitement of discovery. You and the wolf on the top of the cliff first discover and observe each other. A moment later, you realize that there are other wolves, making their way down to the bottom of the cliff—to your level—and that they, too, are aware of you."

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Bonus Art Book will go to Winner of the Robert Bateman Lithograph!

The winner of the Robert Bateman lithograph in the online auction will receive a copy of ROBERT BATEMAN, NATURAL WORLDS, featuring more than 130 paintings of birds, animals and landscapes—from Western Canada to the Serengeti Plains of Africa. Bateman created many color sketches just for this book and his evocative reflections remind us of the importance of balancing progress and preservation as a legacy to future generations.
Nice condition, 12” x 11 1/4”. Valuation: $40-$80.

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