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Choo Choo Barn


Pass for up to 4 Admissions to Choo Choo Barn. Not valid during special events like Thankful Thursdays. No expiration.

Since 1961, people across the country and around the world have come to visit a truly unique attraction...the Choo Choo Barn -- Traintown U.S.A.®! Our 1,700 square foot train layout features over 150 hand-built animated figures and vehicles and 22 operating trains…we guarantee the Choo Choo Barn is like nothing you've ever seen!

Address: Route 741 East, 226 Gap Rd, Box 130, Strasburg PA 17579
Phone: (717) 687-7911
Website: choochoobarn.com

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May be picked up or mailed. If mailed, $1 postage fee will be added. Call 717-627-8421 or email marketing@uzrc.org to arrange.

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