#23 $25 Gift Card for Wegmans

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US $25.00 Retail Value
US $ 10.00 Opening Bid
US $ 2.00 Min. Bid Increment
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Go shopping at Wegmans with this $25 gift card. From local produced to prepared foods, there is something for everyone at Wegmans.

Wegman's is committed to helping you live a healthier, better life through food. Our commitment to you is simple: Every Day You Get our Best. Our customers tell us they choose Wegmans for the helpful people in our stores, help with delicious meals from our chefs, and the freshest ingredients possible. Offering choice, quality and value in every aisle is how we hope to make your shopping experience a genuine pleasure.

Good for all Wegman's Locations.
Wegman's Lancaster:
Address: 2000 Crossings Blvd, Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone: (717) 358-9400

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May be picked up or mailed. If mailed, $1 postage fee will be added. Call 717-627-8421 or email marketing@uzrc.org to arrange.

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