#2 Framed print,11 x14’’ body painting By Jenny Zander “Euphoria” featuring Taylor Redmond in Leech Lake

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Jenny Zander


Poem by Li Young Lee to support the beauty captured in this print

She says, the world is a story that keeps beginning.
There are dreams we dream alone.
There are dreams we dream with others.
Alone, you dream in several colors:
blue, wishing and following the river.
In company, you dream in several others:
the time you don't have,
the time left over
and the time it takes.

Item Description:
We are so blessed to have Jenny Zander as part of Pangea's circle. Jenny started as an intern at Pangea and is now our Visual & Documentation Specialist. Learn more about Jenny below and bid on her breathtaking print today!
About the artist: Jenny Zander
Through body art, photography and film work, Jenny reflects our many identities and movements. She paints on skin because it's art with a heartbeat. Photos sustain memories, films keep stories alive. It’s really important to showcase the power and beauty of people who have been historically misrepresented in art. To show black and brown, queer, trans, female-identifying folks in all their varying abilities and rawness, because they belong in any landscape and are existing in many ways.

There is a growing violence against the planet, Native lands and water. Reconnecting bodies to the Earth is resisting this violence. Jenny's art serves as a tribute to the fragility and resilience of humanity in relation to the natural world.

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