#8 Zanderpieces: 6 Hand-drawn, screen printed Buffalo + Lion shirts

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Dave Zander


6 Hand-drawn, screen printed Buffalo + Lion shirts by Dave Zander! He doesn’t just paint with watercolors! Dave creates beautiful images in multiple ways. Bid on all 6 of these one of a kind t-shirt's today! Sizes and Colors: 1 medium orange buffalo, 1 X large green buffalo, 1 large pink lion, 1 small green lion, 1 large gemsbok. Place your bids now!

Learn more about Dave! Dave is interested in finding the soul of a given landscape or animal. He tries to illuminate not only the painted scene, but how he feels about it. His most recent work involves an intense use of both jet black ink and very white paper. The use of those extremes make the pastel colors sing. His animals are neither placid or static. They are all business, poised for action or in the middle of it. Most importantly, Dave allows his paintings and drawings to breathe. https://www.facebook.com/zanderpieces/

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