#20 Elmworks: Gift Basket with Two Handmade Towels Sets and Two MN pillows

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Elmworks classic and beautiful design would make a perfect addition to anyone's kitchen! Learn more about Elmworks and Ellen Miller below. Place your bids today!

“These unique towel sets coordinate beautifully with any decor. A strip of sturdy Velcro makes it easy to remove one towel from the fabric base and replace it with the other. No more excuses for a wet or dirty towel! Functional AND beautiful! The inspiration for my handmade towel sets comes from the cheap towels hung on the stove with crochet tops I grew up with. They were wet after drying my hands once and we had to have many of them to keep the kitchen clean. There had to be a better way!

About Artist:
Ellen Miller is a local crafter/artist in South Minneapolis. Since “making things” has always been a strong interest for her, she turned it and the sewing skills taught by her grandmother into a business called Elmworks in 2018. She features just a few items, but with endless possibilities for the future! Her business began with fabric towel sets perfected from the ones her grandmother used to crochet to loop over the stove handle. But Ellen’s sets are made from colorful fabrics that attach with Velcro onto their quality towels. Even better is the fact that each set comes with two interchangeable color-coordinating towels for easy washing! Following the towels, she then began making colorful pillows that proudly display the outline of the state of MN. And recently, both holiday and woodsy gnomes started coming to life at her hands! She is happy to share her passion for these items with you, or take special orders upon request. She has also been known to make pillows with other states on them, and many, many masks over the last year.

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