#21 Large Traditional Handmade Ceramic Serving Bowl by Kerry Brooks

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Meena Natrarajan


This lovely and vibrant bowl is glazed in cherry red interior and copper exterior.
This bowl measures approximately 12' wide & 4' tall and includes a small geode crackle ring dish.

About Kerry Brooks, Owner and Founder of Dock 6 Pottery
I never dreamed I’d become a professional potter when I threw my first pot at age 26. While studying other things in college and graduate school, I continued to nurture my new hobby. By 1995, I was making a living as a potter and have been steadily expanding Dock 6 ever since.
Seeing someone use something I made is the best feeling in the world. Crafting beautiful objects that people use every day is what inspires me to keep creating. I think of every cup, plate, and coaster as a small piece of functional art; making this art accessible to everyday people makes my soul happy. Dock 6 is a unique workplace because it was founded on a deep commitment between Kerry and her employees, as well as to the local arts community. A team of extraordinarily skilled potters—as well as musicians, actors, photographers, jewelers, fashion designers, glass blowers, painters, and graphic designers—contribute their expertise in countless ways to bolster the success and productivity Dock 6 has enjoyed over many years.


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