#40 Warm Your Heart with this Lovely Collection from Seriously Happy

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Write a lovely note, enjoy a cup with a friend and have happy feet with this collection from Seriously Happy.

Learn more below about Diana Korpi and her journey in creating Seriously Happy.

Diana Korpi’s Story
In 2011, Diana's life felt hard. She was about to become an empty nester, her marriage was in a rough spot, and she was managing several chronic illnesses. Searching for ways to make her days better, she stumbled upon the field of positive psychology — the study of human flourishing. She started practicing appreciation and laughter, using skills she learned in the field. In the following years, her husband was diagnosed with cancer, she was diagnosed with idiopathic heart failure, beloved pets died. In those challenging days, filled with anxiety and hopelessness, she also found amazingly kind traffic officers and nurses, the generous love of good friends and family, and so many opportunities for gentleness.

Seriously Happy stems from her desire to share what she's learned to help other people find and use the best tools of positive psychology to improve their lives — including (& especially!) when the road gets rough.

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