#55 Enchanting Watercolor Painting by Sarah Duncan

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A framed abstract landscape in purples, yellows, greens and browns. Framed size 9" x 9". Created by our beloved Sarah Duncan, Pangea's Communications Coordinator.

Sarah Duncan’s story
Sarah N. Duncan is a mixed-media artist and graphic designer. Believing that representation matters, her mixed-media works use gesture, craft, mark-making, and objects to examine herself and the world through different lenses to investigate why and how this world and imagine what is possible. She is queer, white, artist, dancer, writer, parent, friend, and old enough to know that her work is serious play and that the way she moves in, with, and through this world is as important as what emerges from her efforts.

She joined Pangea’s circle as an intern in the spring semester of 2020 as part of HECUA’s Art for Social Change program and is happy to continue to be part of the connected, grounded, and process-focused way of working that is Pangea World Theater.

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Pangea World Theater will contact silent auction winners and arrange pick up of larger items at Pangea's studio space located at 711 W Lake St # 101, Minneapolis, MN 55408. Small items like gift cards will be mailed out the week of June 20th.

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