# 1124252 Silent Item

US $185.00 Retail Value
US $ 70.00 Opening Bid
US $ 5.00 Min. Bid Increment


Here's a mystery box. We promise it's not rocks. You didn't know you needed this (these?), but you surely do. So here's a clue...

We will not let you shake it, you should not bake it
If you could eat it you might not be human.
It would be tough to wear and hard not to share
By bidding now, you'd show great acumen

If you enjoy a good pun, you'll want to see why, the mystery in this box is so fun
No need to run if you don't like a game and think that my rhyming is - lame
There is plenty of wine, for all in the line, at the wine pull so, feel not ashamed

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Midwest Food Products Association

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