#6 Maggie E Glass Bead Handbag 'Tapestry'

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A vintage amber plastic frame from the 1930-40’s is the focal point for this handbag. The purse body is composed of over 16,700 Delica 11/0 glass seed beads in colors of topaz, amethyst, peach, pale yellow, mint green, crystal and grey blue. It is hand woven on a beading loom by the artist in a design that is her creation.

The pastel accent beads complement the colors of the handbag. The purse handle also has the accent beads incorporated into it. The handbag is lined in brown satin. Measurements are: 7” wide by 5 3/8” long (including frame). Purse body measures: 7” wide by 4 3/8” long. The handle measures 8” long.

Donated by artist Deb Rades.

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