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Ryan Petersen


Mixed media on vinyl banner, approx. 54"x120" with grommets every two feet on four sides. Painted during the O+ Festival in Petaluma during the weekend of Nov. 7-9, 2014. The banner was donated by Crown Trophy Petaluma.

Ryan Petersen’s paintings have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and various venues throughout the United States, which include Petaluma, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Michigan. In addition, Ryan’s work is in public, private, and corporate collections, including Lagunitas Brewing Co. and the Brain Injury Association of Michigan.
Ryan is a self taught artist. He was born in 1986 and grew up in Petaluma. He currently lives in Penngrove, California.

"Art is in my blood. Physically I need to paint, I'm driven. When I paint it's like I'm on a freeway with no cars, spontaneous and free. I search for a certain motion, an energy, a feeling. With a collection of styles, the vivid composition and textures are woven into several transparent layers while creating a sense of depth which begins to tell my story. The paintings evolve themselves; one layer inspires the next, and the next may seem to bear no relation to what came before. My work is a constant construction and deconstruction of the connection between the beauty and chaos of the world as I live it… Everyday is an opportunity to be inspired and submerged into the light and dark of this wonderfully profound existence we call life. Most importantly it’s a life in which I love living, and sharing with others."

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