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Rhett Johnston and Graham Nelson


Vintage doors, approx. 30"x80". These two doors come as a pair and were painted during the O+ Festival in Petaluma during the weekend of Nov. 7-9, 2014 by Rhett Johnston and Graham Nelson. The doors were donated by Heritage Salvage and date from the 1930s.

About Rhett Johnston:
"Observation fuels creation. Taking in all that is around us and using THAT as a creative motive, is the best way to show your appreciation for life. No matter how you choose to create art."

Starting at an early age, Rhett's interest in comics, sprouted into a fascination with the arts. He spent hours upon hours sitting at the kitchen table sketching various characters. As the years went on,different forms of inspiration and knowledge began to blossom,affecting the outcome of his work. After three years of Computer Aided Drafting in High school and college, the introduction of hip hop graffiti and other various cultures created a array of knowledge that is channeled into visual form. Later on, this vision was showcased in a live music visual art collaboration format. As it occurred more and more frequently, this method accelerated the evolution of his work . The energy of the people and music triggered an involuntary flow that forms his work. He liked to call it a,"Visual interpretation of music."

Spending most of his life in Huntsville Alabama, he now resides in Sonoma, CA, tapped into the west coast art movement. He absorbs his surroundings and reflects them into a beautiful visual phenomenon.

About Graham Nelson:
Graham has been working in the San Francisco bay area for just over seven years since relocating from Cincinnati, Ohio. After completing his BFA in painting at the San Francisco Art Institute, he has been working on a wide range of collaborative projects from galleries to the streets. The diversity of his work utilizes style and medium to conceptually construct new relational elements of visual language, fueled in tandem with the diversity of his surroundings and influences. Though he focuses primarily on mixed media painting within his solo work, constant collaboration is an integral part of his practice through experimentation and development among a variety of people with a variety of mediums.

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