#101 Denali Royal Blue Mittens

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US $50.00 Retail Value
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IWC/Gay Bartholic


These beautiful mittens are hand knitted out of royal blue wool. They are embellished with yarn that has been handspun by Chillon Leach out of merino, silk, and real wolf fur (generously donated by Denali). The mittens were embellished with a snowflake and trim by Gayle Groebner, a member of the Weavers Guild.

Additional Information

NO INTERSTATE COMMERCE WILL ALLOW WOLF SHED ITEMS TO BE SHIPPED TO: AZ, CA, CO, FL, IL, MI, NE, NM, NY, TX, VA, AND WA. Purchasers from those states will have their bids cancelled.

Item will be sent Priority Mail and will include a complimentary 2 oz. bottle of Unicorn Baby Beyond Fibre Wash.

If purchasing multiple items or picking up in-person, the Center will work with winning bidder to adjust shipping costs after the bid has been processed. QUESTIONS: wolfcareauction@wolf.org

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