Shona Sculpture

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Love At First Sight! If collecting Shona art is your passion, you are sure to be in love with this exceptional piece. Appropriately given the title "Look Toward Your Dreams" is another well mastered treasure by the NYANHONGO family, where talent runs deep.

This is one of the finest works of Marion Nyanhongo where her feminine spirit is poured into her creative use of so many textures. Marion will take you on a journey along the smooth glass like profile of a woman facing the sky. She then wraps the upper bodice with a intricate linen like garment landing polished hands on the heart and womb. The beautiful distinction displayed in the contrast between the unworked stone and the facial smoothness is Shona art at it's best. Brilliance is carved into the patterned skirt that flows to the foot of a piece of art that so lovingly represents an hopeful African woman. Dimensions are approx. 20"H X 9"W. This piece will not only serve as an inspiration but I hope that you will find Joy in her beauty and she will delight your home.

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