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Do you want to fast-forward your horsemanship results?
No matter where you live, you will have the opportunity to get one-on-one coaching with 4* Licensed Parelli Professional Elli Pospischil by sending in a video that Elli will review and assess. With state of the art coaching software, you will receive accurate feedback with voice-over, playback features & visual illustrations. Don’t worry, it’s easy to work with.

During your follow-up phone call, you will have the opportunity to ask any additional questions and discuss the feedback in detail. Elli will remind you to remember to celebrate the small successes and revisit your goal board often!

You will be able to review your video and feedback as often as you like. And now that you know what to focus on, you can spend the next 7 sessions with your horse working towards improvement. The more you can hold yourself accountable with your homework, the sooner you will reach your horsemanship goals. Or, as Pat would say “How does a Chihuahua eat an elephant? One can at a time…”

Fix one thing after another, and before you know it you’ll have reached your goals and will be living your dream!

Elli has learned from the best—Pat & Linda Parelli—about how to be an empowering instructor. Her main focus is for you to be successful! Long Distance Coaching is the best way to take advantage of Elli’s experience—until you get to one of her clinics! Experiences she is eager to share with horse lovers all over the world. Arrangements must be made and coaching must be complete before December 31, 2019.

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