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Each Botanical Animal Flower Essences Kit comes with a FREE sample of Steadfast Canine! Choose whether you would like a small breed (less than 40 lbs) or large breed (over 40 lbs) sample pack when adding the kit to your cart!

Flower essence combination designed to support your animal through the trials of training.
Lessen the effects of distractions to allow for more productive training sessions.
Creates a better family member and partner in your animal by enhancing lesson retention and emotional well-being.
Ideal combination for animals in training, wrestle with distractions during times they should be focusing and those that compete.

Training an animal is no easy feat. In addition to learning to communicate effectively with your animal, you may also find yourself battling external distractions and struggling to keep their focus throughout training. The combination of flower essences found in the Enhanced Education Kit are designed to work together to combat these common problems and give you and your animal the tools you need to develop a valuable relationship.

Clear Thinking helps your animal remain focused on your and the training session by limiting their reaction to distractions, while Ego Builder enhances their ability to approach new situations with confidence. The blend of flower essences in In Training ties everything together by offering a platform to build a lasting partnership through lesson retention and clear communication.

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