Free Fundraising Software

Free Fundraising Software

Auctions are a great way for charities to raise funds to support their ongoing activities and to finance the purchase of goods and services for their clients. An auction is also a great way to energize the community and encourage people to learn more about the charity and the good works it performs. People who might otherwise not be so interested in donating money to a charity may find themselves enticed into making a contribution when they stand to gain something in the auction. If your organization is preparing to run an auction, you will want to get some free charity auction software. Even if you are a computer novice, you can quickly learn how to use auction software to help your organization.

Features of Charity Software

Once you obtain free charity auction software, you will be able to easily set it up and begin raising money. Typically auction software enables you to set up pre-bidding before the main event, which is particularly helpful in attracting people to your charity and to drum up excitement and interest in the items or services being auctioned. You can use the software to register bidders ahead of time, to help you get an idea of how many participants there will be. The software will also let you set up sponsors for the event. For example, if your organization wants to auction off a weekend at a local resort, different resorts in your area can sign up with the software. Use the software to enter pictures and descriptions of all the items being offered, so people can use their computers to see what they can bid on. Likewise, the software lets you keep track of donors, and generate invoices for them to pay after the auction has concluded.

Raise More Money

Charity auction software is ideal for helping your organization raise more funds for your vital projects. For example, by using the software's integrated social media functions, you can advertise and promote the auction to your organization's online friends, which will help spread the word and bring in more funds. Software for charity auctions usually has an event countdown timer, which gives people a sense of urgency to make their bids. What's more, you can use the built-in goal thermometer to keep track of how much money has come in and to show people just how much more they need to spend to meet your organization's needs.