Sample Receipt Letter

Sample Receipt Letter

If your charity is looking for new ways to raise cash, you may be interested in holding auctions where members of the community can bid on goods and services that are donated by interested parties. Non-profit organizations can raise their profile by offering items for auction that people actually want to bid on. As such, it's important to remember to acknowledge the person or organization that has donated items for your charity to auction off.

Expressing Thanks

Saying "thank you" goes a long way toward forging relationships between your charity and the organizations that donate goods and services to promote your cause. You will want to study a sample receipt letter to see what you should be writing to the people offer donations to you.

By studying a sample receipt letter, you can see that you need to thank the donor for his or her time, effort and material support. You'll need to include information about what the donor provided and state when it is scheduled to be auctioned. It's also important to include information about the location and the venue if it is an auction taking place in a building, or the website if it is an online auction.

When you thank the donor, remember to include contact information so he or she can quickly reach you with any questions or concerns.

Tax Deductible

When you write a receipt letter, it's prudent to remind the donor about the tax advantages of helping out your charity. While not every donor organization is primarily interested in benefiting with its tax-deductible donations, it is still a factor to consider.

Besides getting name recognition to acknowledge the support being offered, the donor will be able to lessen its tax liability by making donations to your organization, and it is only fitting that you confirm your non-profit status.

After you study a sample receipt letter to help you write your own letter on behalf of your charitable organization, you will be prepared to put in your own words the gratitude that you want to express, and your hope that the donor will continue to find your charity worth supporting in the future.