Best Promotional Ideas

The Best Charity Auction Promotional Ideas

When organizing for a charity auction, you need ways of promoting and raising awareness of your fundraising event. This is the only sure way of ensuring you have sufficient people donating or bidding during the auction. The exact methodology you are going to use in creating awareness is dependent on how you are going to conduct the auction. Below are the four main categories of promotional Ideas you need to consider.

1. Traditional Ways

For people who want to use the traditional or print ways of promoting their charity auction events, they need to consider the following suggestion and see what is most favorable to them.

  • Promotional cards, bookmarks, flyers, postcards and newsletters, posters and banners and other takeaways or handouts
  • Distribution of printed catalog
  • Newspaper advertisements (printed), bullet boards, press releases (formal)
  • Letters of appeal, sending snail mails to your partners, affiliates and community
  • Faith based publications such as missives used to announce to the local community as well as sermons, services, homilies, and speeches.
  • Business Cards, and guest registration lists to get contact of people who are interested

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2. Online Ways of Promoting Your Charity Auction

Technology is fast growing and you need to embrace it, here are some of the best non-profit online auction promotional ideas you should consider implementing:

  • Sending e-mails weekly or monthly to your community members, affiliates, and partners and so on
  • Putting the "Refer a Friend", "Auction Update", "Biddingowl Promotional" buttons on your website or other websites as well us using some local online journals with community calendars.
  • Putting information on the charity auction event you have on your website.
  • Contact your local community webmaster and sharing your URL on their websites and other important websites.
  • You could also schedule auction meet ups online, initiating online forums to discuss, get sponsors and gather donations.
  • Including signature with charity auction events in your e-mails

3. Media Promotion of Non Profit Auctions

Some of the common media ways of promoting your charity auction using media includes the following:

  • Using radio infomercials, spots, formal commercials as well as broadcasted announcements targeting the public
  • Using press release (formal), short song played in media or on loudspeaker about the auction, and using public speeches from celebrities and other dignitaries
  • Daily blogging, creating podcasts on auction details, pre-movie adverts and making computer wallpapers on with details on your charity auction.

4. Other Ways of Promoting Non Profit Auction Events

In addition to the above three main categories of ways of ways of promoting your charity auction, you could also embrace some of these ways:

  • Voicemail hold or wait auto responders with auction information
  • Organize a raffle to hunt for new email through signups and hold contest for donations, referring and placing most bids.
  • Organizing various events such as car washing, mat washing where the funds collected will go to your intended cause.
  • Use of various forms of advertising including LCD displays in public, human advertisements (issuing handouts, waving placards with information and on)
  • Spread information in any public forum such as rallies, meetings, sporting activities and so on using public address systems. You should also encourage word of mouth by various people including volunteers, community members, donors and well as bidders.
  • Attend meeting of groups and organization whose mission and cause is similar to yours and use word of mouth to inform them on your cause.
  • Use information kiosk in public places and donation drives to increase public awareness
  • Use stickers, gift wrappers, and other items people can wear or using with a message on your charity auction
  • Using signage, ads boards or creating flags and placing them at the appropriate places such as schools, your organization, etc.
  • Organize formal training for new bidders and get them talk about your auction

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