Promotional Ideas for Faith Based Auctions

Top Ten Promotional Ideas
Non-Profit Faith Based Organization

Online auctions provide an additional avenue to raise funds for faith based organizations. With the right tools and ideas, you are able to attract attention from a wide range of donors. It is essential to plan ahead to make your non-profit online charity auction a success. Here are some of the best promotional ideas that can be used by faith based organizations.

1. Flyers Distribution

Flyer distribution is one of the simplest and straightforward ways for non-profit faith based organization to create public awareness for their fundraising event. For success, you should take your flyers to choir rehearsal, religious educational classes, scouting events, or church services. Church members are usually willing and able to support your cause.

2. Use of Banners

Using banners is a great ways of creating general public awareness. Hang these banners at strategic places (offices, buildings, shopping centers etc). The banners should have relevant event information. Make sure the banners are easy and quick to read. Most people with notice them while driving or walking pass them. Therefore, make sure the most important information is written in easy to read large letters.

3. Public Forums

Most faith based organizations have the benefit of several weekly events, such as church services, homilies, ceremonies, or blessings. events and so on. Use such events to create awareness by giving a detailed description of your event (venue, items on sale, open date and purpose of the charity auction) to some of the dignitaries to announce.

4. Organizational Website

Another great way of promoting your non-profit auction is putting information on your organizations website. Alternatively, at a small fee, you can put your adverts or organize your auction online using, the best platform for non-profit online auction.

5. Donation Drives

To create awareness on your non-profit online auction, organize a donation drive. During such a drive, community members should learn more on the purpose of the cause, join it, donate or bid for various items.

6. Auction Flag

On Your Place of worship or affiliated places, wave a flag with details on your non-profit auction people to read, support, attend and so on.

7. Put Your Non-Profit Auction Details in Missives

In your regular newsletters, bulletins, appeals or letters of collection, inform people about your non-profit auction event. Put all the important information.

8. Encourage Community Buzz

Whether you are a non-profit online action organization or not, the people around the community can be very important is spreading your fundraising cause. Involve them and let them speak on various concepts such as item/cash donation, bidding and referring friends.

9. Information Kiosk

Your faith-based organization should consider setting up a kiosk in various places such as services, ceremonies, study and support groups, food drives, and so on, to given information. This can be manned by volunteers and they should disseminate information as people come to these places on the charity auction and take details of people willing to participate, inform them on the cause, how they can help, among many other things.

10. Modern Communication Channels

As a faith-based non-profit organization, you need to include details of your charity auction in your outbound voicemail messages, window displays, e-mail signatures and so on in various places where potential bidders might be. Give URL to your non-profit online auction site and dates if you have one.

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