Top 10 Recommended Items for Faith Based Auctions

The Best Items for
Charity Auction in Faith-Based Organizations

Most charity auctions are done by organizations based on faith. Even with the type of orientation that these organizations have, being creative with the best auction items can help raise a lot of funds for many causes. Just like any other organizations, faith-based communities can post their non-profit auctions on Biddingowl in order to bring them to the attention to a wide range of people. The following are some ideas you could use as top auction items.

1. Babysitting During Events

Whenever your organization holds a meeting, whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, you can offer the members in your community who are parents with young children relief by organizing for onsite childcare for that day. Put this offer up for bidding.

2. Musical Performances

Most faith-based organizations have choirs that are normally considered special when they perform at functions. Consider auctioning this special service for charity at weddings, baptisms, communion and other special events.

3. Dedicated Songs

Faith-based organizations always have many events that bring together many people. One of the best auction items for charity auctions at such events is to organize for the choir to dedicate a song to a winning bid for a loved one's memory.

4. Adopt-a-Book Auctions

Do you have a library at your organization? Books for spiritual nourishment and education, personal growth and development and other relevant themes can also be a good auction item for your cause. Community members can bid in order to underwrite the cost of such literature while at the same time raising funds for your cause.

5. Fund Cause Needs

Funding needs is one of the best auction options for faith-based auctions. If your organization has needs such as requiring halls to be built, painted or infrastructure built, you could organize for auctions where donors bid to fund these needs.

6. Cash Donations

Auctioning donor slots during your weekly tithing or donations could be a good idea for your organization. If you have auction homepages such as those on Biddingowl, you could consider auctioning them off for your non-profit causes. Displaying names on these pages and emails for monetary donations can raise funds for your cause.

7. Reserved Parking Spots

Make full use of your events and meetings to auction reserved parking slots. You could make some of the parking slots available for longer hours to winning charity auction bids as a way of raising funds for your organization. This is usually one of the best auction items for organizations that are keen on organizing off-site events that attract a large attendance from their community.

8. Autographed Items

Make a selection of the best t-shirts, hats, spiritual books, portraits and any other thing that your community members may be interested in. have these autographed by a respectable and admirable personality. Auctioning them to community members can help raise funds for your causes.

9. Memoriam

Works of art, hymns, organs, benches, bells and any other item that might be meaningful can be used as top auction items. Make them for dedication in memory of a lucky donor's loved one.

10. Auction Special Party Locations

Beautiful sceneries that might be in your listing of your organization's property can also be a great option for charity auctions. Conduct charity auctions to organize group parties for members in your community at these locations.