Recommended Items for Higher Education Fundraising

The 10 Best Auction Items
For Non Profit Higher Education Fundraising

Non-profit auction for higher education is very important in helping students in universities and colleges to meet a number of their needs such as scholarships, extracurricular programs (athletics, sports, clubs and associations) among many others. When you are organizing a non-profit auction for college or university students, you need to choose carefully the items that will be on offer during this charity auction event. Your choice of items will influence so many things such as the level of attendance, the total funds collected, number of sponsors or donors you will get and so on. Here are some of the non-profit auction items suggestions that have made Biddingowl to be the best non-profit auction fundraising website in organizing such events.

1. Book Funds

One of the best auction items ideas that Biddingowl has implemented that have lead to much success in their fundraising events for higher education is the book funds, otherwise known as 'adopt a book'. The donation you make is used in buying a book that your institution librarian finds important. It is a great way of organizing non-profit auction, and/or honoring people you love: your students, faculties, professor or to mark a great occasion.

2. Funding Needs

Another best non-profit auction item you should choose is the funding of a need. This is where donors are given a chance to provide the things, which are needed by the higher education fraternity such as a classroom, lecture hall, laboratory and so on. Biddingowl non-profit fundraising has been able to fulfill a number of causes such as electronic whiteboards, projectors, DVD players, and other essential tools that will make learning in the 21st century effective using funding needs. Some of these donations are durable and could be used for a long period.

3. Sportswear that are Autographed

Many sports fans (students and alumni) will enjoy a chance to bid for an autographed sportswear for any of their teams such as football, hat and so on.

4. Spiritwear Package

There are many college or university libraries/bookstores, which are ready to donate apparels, which have the college's or university emblem. Spiritwear forms some of the best non-profit auction items that are going to be appealing the college fraternity (students, teaching and non-teaching staff). You could bundle several of such items for either a current or a prospective student.

5. Deals on Tickets

Another great non-profit auction item for colleges and universities is tickets for hardcore sports fans or for other students for exhibitions, expos, campus theatres/performances. You could for instance have athletic ticks to all the students who want to attend such events throughout the season.

6. Organizing a Party

Get a perfect and breathe taking location in your university or college where you can organize your fundraising charity event. You will then auction the chance of throwing the party on that venue. Many people are going to bid for that chance.

7. Lunch with College/University Key Figures

You could also organize a lunch with the president of the college or the top sportsperson with the lucky bidder in your non-profit or charity auction.

8. A Semester's Books

Organize with your bookstore in your colleges and universities to donate 'one semester worth of books' for students. These items should be promoted to parents too and students are going to bid for such an item. The winning bidder will take the items.

9. Reserved Parking for a Year

Furthermore, on your non-profit auction fundraising, you could have a bid on reserved parking for either students, teaching or non-teaching staff. This will encourage many participants to bid.

10. Teaching Assistant, Intern or Mentee for a Given Period

For a day or a week, you could surprise your student and non-student campus fraternity by letting them bid off on a chance to work with some of the most distinguished professors, fitness personnel and so on. This should be done after you have requested the distinguished persons to donate their time and work with the person who will have worn the bid.