Promotional Ideas for K-12 Education Auctions

The Top Ten Best
Promotional Ideas for K-12 Auctions

If you have a non-profit organization is targeting the k-12 causes, you need to know the right ideas of promoting your charity auctions. Many people might want to bid or donate to your k-12 charity auctions but if they do not get the information, they are not going to donate. Biddingowl has applied these fundraising promotional ideas for the K-12, and they have made it one of the most successful non-profit online auction website.

1. Use Flyers (Backpack)

Schools have a tendency of sending communication, which is often in printed format (enclosed in plastic or durable folders) via the students to parents. During such communications, get permission to include a flyer on your K-12 non-profit auction event in the packages that are sent to parents. Ensure you include all the important information on the flyers.

2. Banners

In your school, find a prominent place where most people who visit the school are likely to go to as well as students and place your charity auction banners there. Ensure it has important details like the URL, date and venue of the event. It should be very conspicuous and easy to notice. You could also do it online by renting space on some of the popular non-profit online auction websites such as Biddingowl and putting your banner there.

3. Use the Public Announcement System

Another best way of promoting your K-12 charity action events is using the schools public address system to publicize your fundraising event. During the announcement, ensure you mention the date of the event, the items that are going to be on auction, and the cause you are supporting and so on. You could also make a similar announcement during the event and just before, it is concluded, inviting people for final chance to bid.

4. Use Bookmarks

By printing informal bookmarks that have the details on you action and distributing them in classrooms, school book fairs, libraries, nearby book stores and other places that sell books, you will be able to promote your charity auction event. Ensure the bookmarks have information on the venue, time, and URL to visit for further information.

5. Information Kiosk

Setting up and information Kiosk is a great way of promoting your k-12 non-profit auction. You could choose the various popular venues such as parents' nights, dances, games events and so on. You can get volunteers to give people further details on the charity auction such as the cause, how to bid and donate.

6. Posters

One easy way of reaching masses while organizing your K-12 charity fundraising is using posters. Ensure the posters are well designed and very appealing. They should be placed in various places such as libraries, local restaurants, stores, sporting grounds and the nearby town.

7. Use Weekly Email

Weekly emails will help promote your K-12 non-profit auction event. There are many online tools you could use to send emails and the emails should inform people on the soon coming auction, when the auction opens, when they can start bidding or donating, when the auction is about to close and the last chance for people to bid.

8. Make Announcements in Some of the Planned Events

Schools and the communities have several planned events, which people attend such as games, school meetings and many others. During such events, you should get the relevant permissions so that you can make verbal announcement of your event.

9. Share Auction Status or Update Link on Your Town or School Website

Request your town or school webmaster to share a link on their respective websites. This will create awareness.

10. Local Newspaper Advertisements

Promote your K-12 in the local newspapers within your town.

By partnering with Biddingowl, a leading online non-profit bidding platform, you will have all your printing and design promotional tasks taken care of. If you do not have your own organization website or logo, we will too help you. To make any inquiries or use Biddingowl online auction services, please call 1.888.731.448 or send them a message via our email address