Promotional Ideas for TV/Radio/Media Auctions

Top 10 Ways of Promoting
Charity Auctions for TV/Radio/Media

For media and related organizations, promoting their charity auctions is not too much of a challenging task because of the pre-established ability to reach wide audiences. However, other successful ideas for promoting your charity auctions include the following.

1. Pre-Movie Ads

Contact movie theatres and ask them to feature ads of your upcoming non-profit auctions just before movies begin to show. This can serve as a good way of reaching people who are interested in your organization and informing them about your auction.

2. Write Formal Press Releases

As a media organization, you are likely to find templates of formal press releases that you can quickly customize to make press releases about the non-profit auctions on your calendar. You can send these to other media organizations that may be your affiliates or even those that can reach wider audiences.

3. Electronic Communication Mediums

These include signatures on outgoing emails, outbound voice messages and LED displays on organizational windows. Include information about the auction your organization is preparing so that bidders get further information from URLs you provide here.

4. Talking Points during Shows

On-air shows on your media stations can serve as effective ways of promoting your online non-profit auctions for your organization. Invite prominent or popular people on your radio and television shows but include your auction as part of the talking points to popularize it.

5. Encourage Word of Mouth Promotions

Word of mouth is known to be very effective in spreading information about events. Ask your staff members, community members and any other people who believe in your cause to spread the word around about the non-profit auction you will hold. Board members, interns, volunteers and donors can help you in creating awareness about the online charity auction and the bidding details.

6. Live-Event Promotions

Plan promotional events prior to your non-profit auctions with costumed humans, flyers and other means of advertising you can blend in to promote the online charity auction your organization is planning. Volunteers can help in talking up people about the non-profit auction while others can leave them with cards that provide more information.

7. Promote on Your Website

Media-related organizations have websites that are frequently visited by people. This makes your organizational website a potent advertising place for promoting your charity auction event. Make dynamic copy for this particular purpose and reserve space for it on your organizational website.

You could also include links on the ad leading to online charity auction sites such as, which can host your non-profit auction. Do the same for sites that can help you sell tickets and other relevant things to do with the bidding process.

8. Promote with Songs

Songs or jingles can make memorable advertisement techniques for any event, product or activity. Compose a song about the cause you are fundraising for and the charity auction that is going to promote it. This can be used with local advertisers and broadcasters, or with loudspeakers in places with low-tech situations.

9. Come Up with a Commercial

Television and radio commercials can also promote your non-profit auction to a greater magnitude. In the commercials, blend some of the interesting things that people might want to bid on to act as enticers for more people to join the cause


10. Signage Boards

If you have any sponsors and those promoting your cause, ask them to donate commercial posters on their business premises in support of your auction and cause. Local businesses can also make a good way to reach more people with signage boards. will not only help you with hosting your online non-profit auction but also in the design and printing of high quality material such as t-shirts, posters, cards, placards, hats and any other pintables you might need to promote your charity auction. Contact us today via email or telephone 1.888.731.