Recommended Items for Media Charity Auctions

Recommended Items for
Charity Auctions in TV, Radio and Media

Media provides powerful avenues to raise funds through popularization of causes. For organizations that deal directly with media, top auction items can prove to be very productive in soliciting donations. The following are some of the highly recommended ideas.

1. Auction song scheduling offers

If your organization has a means for broadcasting, you could offer members or any other targets the chance to make a queue of songs, commercials or shows. When members bid on this opportunity, you will be able to raise money through this charity auction.

2. TV or Radio Dedications

This charity auction works in the same way traditional song dedications work on radio stations. Organize non-profit auctions for song dedications, playlists, talk shows or even airtime to raise funds for your cause.

3. Print Columns

For organizations with online print media, give people or donors for your cause a chance to write an ad, post a photo, and write a customized shout-out or even a full column. Putting this up on auction can prove to be one of the best auction items. The chance goes to the winning bid.

4. Free Subscription

Most organizations offer subscriptions to journals, high-demand software and popular subscriptions. See this as a chance to run a charity auction by offering your community members a chance to bid on and win a free subscription for a certain period.

5. Internships

Many young people would be interested in an opportunity to work in an organization that is related to media, television and radio. If your organization is in a position to offer internships, then setting a charity auction on an unpaid internship for a certain period can raise money from bids.

6. Private Tour to the Station

One of the top auction items would be to offer your community members the opportunity to visit your offices or facilities. You could include cocktails and lunch for the winning bids. Publish these on Biddingowl to increase the chances of raising more funds.

7. Auction Autographed Items

If you have a celebrity, an admired personality or an exemplary staff member, you could organize for them to autograph items that you will use in your charity auction. Autographed books, CDs, t-shirts and any other material items can make a top auction items especially for the youth.

8. Auction the Best Office Space

Does your organization have a coveted office? This could be the best auction item for members within your staff. Conduct a charity auction for this office for a certain period, say a week, month or even full year.

9. VIP Tickets and Couple Packages

Media related organizations are popular for organizing events, parties and social activities. When hosting such activities or events, one of the best auction items would be to offer community members VIP tickets for winning bids to raise funds for your charity auction cause.

10. Organize Lunches and Meet-ups

It is easy for media organizations to invite or organize meetings, lunches and such social events with prominent people that might be popular to your community members. Leverage on this special connection to organize a non-profit auction for your cause, with the highest bidder or bidders getting to have lunch with your guest.