Promotional Ideas for Recreational & Sport Organization Auctions

10 Ideas for Charity Auctions in
Recreational and Sports Organizations

Sports and recreational organizations have occasional events that can be used when it comes to promoting a charity auction of their own. With this in mind, you will need to come up with creative ideas that you can use to promote the non-profit auctions of your organization. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Bullhorn Announcements

Recreational events normally attract big crowds from community members and interested fans. This audience is always captivated and can be difficult to attract its attention for promotional announcements or dissemination of information through other means. However, you can use bullhorns or public announcement systems to convey promotional information about the charity auction your organization is planning.

2. Live Event Advertising

During live event gatherings for the purpose of sports, you can use a mascot that represents your organization. Make it an effort in advance to print postcards that contain information about your charity auction so that the mascot can distribute them to people at the event. Talking people up about the upcoming auction is also an effective way of promoting the event.

3. Use Posters

Couple up sports related themes with your non-profit cause fundraising theme while creating posters. Ensure that you use interesting sports-related items in the design of the postcards to attract attention when you hang it in a place that attracts high traffic from the audience.

4. Promote on Your Organization's Website

Your organizational website can be a good place to post information about the charity auction that you organize to raise funds for your non-profit cause. A website with high traffic would be a good place to put your ad banners carrying all the details that are important about the online charity auction. These may include ticketing and ticket sales, updates and so on.

5. Distribute Trinkets

Small trinkets can be used to disseminate information about an upcoming event in your organization. Have these embellished with information to do with the charity auction, especially the auction URL. Ideas for items that you can use for trinkets include candy, pens, magnets, buttons and baseballs.

6. Ads on Gear

Talk to a few members of staff and ask them to volunteer to wear sports gear customized with ads containing information about the online charity non-profit auction for the cause your organization is fundraising. T-shirts, hats, shorts and other gear can be good reminders to the spectators, supporters and team members about the auction event.

7. Auction Cheering

Organize your community members so that you come up with a team of cheerers at a sports event even when your team isn't in action. They can cheer up or ham the auction during a sports event to raise interest in the online charity auction.

8. TV and Radio Broadcasting

Television and radio stations are obligated to spare some airtime for causes that are of non-profit nature. This is usually a requisite for license renewal. Therefore, you can ask them to spare some time for your non-profit charity auction promotion.

9. Raffling Popular Items

You can generate revenue by identifying and obtaining sports items that you are sure will generate interest from members of your community. Such items and auction inclusions will not only increase your revenue to the cause but also promote the non-profit auction for your organization.

10. Snail-Mailed Postcards

Design special postcards to use in mailers. On their face, highlight the name of your auction, the mission of the auction, the start and end dates as well as the non-profit auction URL. It is important that you use unique and attractive imagery on the postcards in order to distinguish them from junk mails. is a leading website in non-profit auctions. Apart from posting and hosting your charity based auctions on this site, you can contact us if you need any promotional material designed and printed in an expertly way to help popularize your event. Contact us today: Tel and email 1.888.731.4483;