Recommended Items for Sport and Recreation Fundraising

The Most Popular Non Profit Auction
Items for Sports and Recreation Events

If you are organizing charity auction to support a sporting or recreational event, you need to decide on which items to solicit from your donors. Soliciting for the right auction items for such a function is going to help you in going beyond your target in supporting the charity auction you are organizing. Most of the suggested items have been tested by our online bidding website, and proven to yield great results. Here is the list of the most popular items for a non-profit auction whose cause is to support a recreation and sports.

1. Autographed Sports Items

One of the best auction items you will have for a charity auction to support this cause is having some of the famous sportspersons autograph memorabilia and other sporting items such as balls, athletic equipment and wears, portraits and pictured frames. This is going to attract many bidders especially those who are diehard fans of the sportsperson you have chosen to autograph the items.

2. Free Day Pass

If your non-profit auction organizations, is in the recreation or sporting area. You could organize a fundraising auction where winning bids will be given free entry to the sports or recreational areas such as the swimming pools, spars, golf course, trails and so on.

3. Private Tours

By letting people bid off for a tour for a number of people, such as four to some of the breathe-taking areas you have to access, you will be able to have many people bid for such events. You could let the people visit private galleries, historical sites, and renowned landmarks. This could include cocktails, dinner or lunch.

4. Lunch or Dinner with Popular People

Another popular item for charity bids is letting people bid off for dinner, lunch or get together with some of the popular celebrities or politicians you know. This will be one of the best charity auction ideas if your organization has access to this people. The highest bidder wins for the event.

5. Tickets and Passes

For all the events that your organization have, ensure you give some passes to various events or places such as museums, camping places, parks and other recreational areas.

6. Fun Pack for Family with Discounts

If you are able to organize fun packs for families at discounts, you could then allow the highest bidder on such an event attend the function. You will need to use your creativity in coming up with a great pack to a number of your organizations functions.

7. Need Funding

Fund a need is one of the most popular non-profit auction 'items' that is used almost in every kind of a cause. You give donors to make direct contribution to a certain cause. It could be doing renovations, staffing more human resources, buying needed equipments and so on. You will have to come up with a write-up on the needs you have and let bidders to state contributions they can make for the betterment of the cause or your organization. You could use leading websites such as Biddingowl to reach more bidders.

8. Roles in Important Events

If you have a function, another popular charity auction could be letting some people share the roles in being masters of ceremonies, starting an event (game), give first pitch, sing National Anthems and so on.

9. Parking Spot

Parents with young children, students, elderly or building staff could vehemently bid to reserve a parking space in the first row or for a longer period. This could be a poplar non-profit auction item.

10. Telephone Calls

Using your relationship with people who are coveted, you could let people bid for a chance to receive a call, private meeting and so on from such people. Many people are going to bid for such a chance.

You could use many other popular non-profit auction items for sporting and recreation organization depending on your creativity.