How to Sell Your Sponsorships

Keep your sponsors and donors happy

Solicting for items or in-kind donations is not any easy task. Many businesses will give to your charity if they receive publicity in return. Therefore it is important to identify, communicate with and reward your generous donors and sponsor.

How to Go About It

In order to make sponsorship "attractive", non-profits need to find ways to appeal to donors. Charities could sell ad space on their website, offer email sponsorship, catalog ad space or event recognition. It is vital to understand the desires, benefits and policies of potential sponsors and donors.

Features of A good Sponsor Program

In any good sponsorship program, both parties need to benefit. For instance, while the sponsors donate goods and services to the fundraiser (which then goes to the cause), the community and/or the non-profit organization should give something back. This includes, but is not limited to, naming rights, branding rights, advertising rights, recognition and more.

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Benefits of Using

There are many benefit of choosing website to run your ads. Some of these benefits include the following:

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