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Silent Auction Software

Say Goodbye to old fashion Silent Auction Bid Sheets

Silent Auction Software is becoming more and more common. With the advances in technology, many special events are changing the way they are conducting silent auctions. Where people used to write their bids on silent auction bid sheets, new technology is taking over. Mobile phones are now taking the place of those old fashion bid sheets. provides it's customers with silent auction software as well. The system replaces silent auction bid sheets through the use of mobile phones, computers and tablets. This silent auction software makes it also much easier for the auction managers. Bids are now automatically entered by the bidder and the silent auction software system recognizes these bids and enters them for you into the item manager.

BiddingOwl's silent auction software works like this: Guest and bidders use their mobile phones to enter into their internet browser. They are automatically redirected to our exclusive online bidding system. From their they are able to browse all the items on your auction and place bids as they go. Text messages and emails will inform them if they've been outbid or even won an item.

Before the event, you have the chance to enter your guests' users credentials into our silent auction software. Your bidders will receive an email informing them of their user name (their email address) and their password. This will encourage them to bid at your event, without having to register themselves.

Further, our silent auction software provides bidders to check out right from their mobile phones. This eliminates long waiting lines at the checkout counter and makes your efforts a breeze.

Makes sure to sign up for an account and try our silent auction software for yourself. We'd love to have you onboard.