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Hassle Free Radio and TV Auction Interface

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No more paper! Radio or TV auctions are a vital part of many service clubs. For years Rotary, Kiwanis or Lions member's would record bids on sheets of paper and track the bid history on poster boards or display stands. The process of record keeping during the auction was tedious and involved many volunteers. Today, thanks to BiddingOwl, record keeping is a breeze and bids are recorded online.

Radio Auction Screen Projector

Record bids online - View results on screen

Screen Projected - Club members input bids into an online auction interface and the results are displayed in real time on a projector screen. The systems works just like airport monitors. The results are displayed in real time and projected onto a large screen. Say "Hello" to the future of Radio Auctions!

Avoid Wait Times - Since every bid is recorded in real time online, there is no more record keeping delay. Your bidders are able to check the current status of their bids online. They are even able to bid from home without calling in.

Reduce Volunteer Burn Out

Online donation forms make it easy

Reduce Volunteer Burn-out - Organizing a radio auction is no easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort. Most auction chairs "survive" the strain of running and organizing the event only for a couple of years. Then they most likely "had it"!
BiddingOwl makes the chair's work much easier. Don't spend hours inputting the donation information into an Excel spreadsheet. BiddingOwl helps you manage all your items, soliciotors, and donors. Your fellow clubmembers are able to submit their donation forms online. All you have to do is sit back and watch the items come in.

Affordable and Safe

Biddingowl will help you every step of the way

Benefits well worth it - Running the screen projecting software requires "online" bidding. BiddingOwl charges 5% of the highest bid per item. The benefits greatly outweigh the cost. Consider all the people who love to bid, but do not like to call in, but rather bid from their home computer? Online auctions raise on average far more money than the traditional format alone.

Secure Servers - BiddingOwl's servers are secure and safe. All information is backed up several different ways and kept secure at all times.

Questions? Call or email us to find out more - 1.888.731.4483 or - We are here to help you every step of the way. Overall we've been there. BiddingOwl was designed by a fundraising Rotarian for Rotarians.

"We raised $10,000 even before the actual event. The use of BiddingOwl's online auction website truly made the difference!" - Olivia Smith, Co-Chair, Rotary Club of Gaylord Radio Auction

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