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Welcome T2 Supporters to our 2020 online fundraising platform for Troop 2 of Santa Monica!

As you know, we moved our fundraising online this year because of the global pandemic and will miss seeing your smiling faces in person.  But fear not!  T2 Can Do! Together we can and will overcome any adversity.  

Your ongoing support is critical to provide the funding which is the lifeblood of T2’s rigorous scouting program.  Because there was no tree lot this year, our annual fundraiser has taken on an even greater importance because as soon as we can get back to in-person scouting activities, we obviously want to be able to resume the world-famous T2 scouting program in all aspects.  Never has it been more needed.

As a T2 supporter, you already know how much the Troop’s leadership and learning opportunities mean to the development of our scouts.  Sadly, in the modern world, Scouting is one of the last organizations still teaching these critically necessary life skills. Although our world is turning virtual for a time -- before you know it, we will be back to a full panoply of scouting activities and with your support, will be positioned to continue right where we left off.  

T2 is, of course, a completely volunteer organization.  All troop leaders and parents donate their time generously -- their only reward is seeing the scouts develop into exemplary young men.  But none of our program comes without a cost.  To be blunt, the Troop needs funds raised through its fundraising activities to support all aspects of its program, this year more than ever.  From facility fees, to repairing and replacing Troop equipment, to subsidizing the costs of its high adventure, summer camp, and annual ski trip, all funds donated to the Troop pay massive dividends in the amazing program we are able to provide for our scouts. Please click the DONATE button below to support Troop 2

Of course, we also understand that it is not possible for everyone to donate this year because of the circumstances -- please know that any donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.  And those of us that are in the position to do more than their normal share will be celebrated as well. 

Thanks everyone for donating and for all that you do to support Troop 2! 

Happy bidding!

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Troop2 of Santa Monica

Thank you for your support!