Fund-A-Need Drive

FHM's Spring Fundraiser

We weren't sure we'd be able to hold our usual spring gala this year. So instead, we identified our priority needs for funding across a variety of areas - collections, grounds, education, etc. Your donation will be put directly to work, less 10% for general operating costs.

To view the donation options, please click on the arrow next to the "View Items" bar in the upper left. That will open a drop-down menu. Click on any item under "Fund-A-Need and More" to start browsing the entire list.

We hope you'll support the Forbes House Museum, a growing community resource for history, culture and arts. 

Every donation makes a difference!

Our mission: "Inspired by the Forbes family legacy of entrepreneurship, social action and philanthropy, the Forbes House Museum fosters discourse around civic engagement and cultural awareness."

Thank you to Trustee Jeff Chatlos for his portrayal of Captain Robert Bennet Forbes. 


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Forbes House Museum

Thank you for your support!