2020 Art Along the Rio Grande Art Fair

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--When you place a bid, you have the option of just entering the next bid increment in the field next to the “Bid” button, then click green “Bid" button to formally place your bid. Be sure you are entering a bid in the appropriate increment, which is indicated below the “Bid” button along with the “Retail Value”, “Opening Bid Amount” information, where it says “Min. Bid Increment”. For example, if the Bidding Price says $35, indicated in red next to the “Bid” button, and the minimum bid increment is $3, then you can bid at $38 or more.   

--If you enter a bid higher than the next minimum bid increment, you can indicate the amount you are willing to bid up to, and the system will automatically place bids for you at each bidding increment whenever you are out-bid by another person, up until that amount. This is called a proxy bid, and allows you to not have to login and set a new bid anytime someone out-bids you. If you set a proxy bid in this manner, be sure to check back before the end of the auction to assure you still have the highest bid.

The Auction ends at 8:00 pm MST on Thursday July 2nd – So be sure to set your final bids before then.


Welcome to the Art Along the Rio Grande Art Fair Online Auction!

Art Along the Rio Grande is in its 4th year, and a collaborative effort between the Friends of Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge, the Hubbell House Alliance to promote the important environmental and cultural sites in the South Valley which we support including Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge and the Guiterrez Hubbell House, a Bernalillo County Open Space site. 

Through this event, we aim to define the relationship between art and stewardship efforts and showcase the cultural heritage and ecological significance of the Rio Grande Valley. Although this Art Fair event is traditionally held a the Guiterrez Hubbell House the last Saturday of the month of April, we were presented with a unique situation this year and had to move our Art Fair online, given the impacts of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic.  


The Art Along the Rio Grande art fair is an important fundraiser for the Friends of Valle de Oro NWR and the Hubbell House Alliance and helps support our programs and access to wildlife, art, history, recreation, and culture to the South Valley.

We’re grateful to the artists who were able to contribute items to help us make up for some of the lost revenue of this annual event!


In addition to our online auction, we will be featuring artists who signed up to participate in this year's and past year's Art Fairs through a virtual event platform on Facebook. We will be featuring a new artist each day from June 20th - June 27th. CLICK HERE to visit our Facebook Event Page to view information about our artists.    

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Friends of Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge and the Hubbell House Alliance through this auction. All proceeds from the online auction will go back to supporting our nonprofits, and the people and wildlife we serve through our programming, so bid high and enjoy the experience!

If you have any questions, contact us at artfair@friendsofvalledeoro.org or 505-750-3383.  

Have questions? Please contact us!

Art Along the Rio Grande Art Fair

Thank you for your support!

Friends of Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge Hubbell House Alliance Virtual Art Fair Event - Happening Now!