Wood Theater Virtually Giving Auction 2020

October 3rd-11th

While we are so sorry to not be taking you on an adventure to a new and exciting city this fall with our annual fundraiser, we're thrilled you are joining us in cyber space for our Virtually Giving Auction! 

Click the "View Items" dropdown above to see the exciting items we have up for bid! Be sure to also check out our Mystery Items and Virtual Paddle Raise! 

What is a Mystery Item?
We can't tell you, it's a mystery! ... Just kidding! For each Mystery Item, there is a number and price assigned. You claim the mystery number you want and pay that amount, and you'll receive a mystery item worth at LEAST that amount! We have some awesome items hidden in the mystery item section, with most worth at least $5 more than what you pay! 

What is a Virtual Paddle Raise?
You know the drill, you attend a fundraiser and they ask you to raise your paddle for a dollar amount you're willing to give to support the organization's mission. Well, that's what we're doing - just - virtually! You could technically still raise your hand if you want to, but a paddle isn't required to participate in the Virtual Paddle Raise - you'll just need your passion for wanting to help the Wood Theater get through this incredibly difficult time and your wallet. We have a $100, $250, $500, $750 or $1000 paddle raise and all participants will be publicly thanked, named and acknowledged following conclusion of the auction.

If you'd like to contribute a different amount directly to us please click here to be redirected to our donation platform, then come back and check out the auction! 

How do I get my items?
Most items are gift certificates or vouchers for an experience that we can mail directly to you, so you never have to leave the comfort of your own home! Some mystery items and most baskets and bundles will need to be picked up. Pick up will take place Monday October 12th between 12PM-6PM in our Cabaret Space and otherwise by appointment by contacting boxoffice@woodtheater.org. We will contact you Monday morning to let you know if your item(s) will be mailed or need to be picked up. Pickup will be contactless but you will be required to wear a mask when entering the space.  

Why does the Wood need my help?

Today marks the 205th day since we closed our doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Typically, over the course of 205 days, we have at LEAST that number of events. Between rehearsals, performances, auditions, meetings, parties, art galleries, movie screeings, concerts - the Wood Theater hosts more events in a year than there are days in that year.

Even under normal circumstances, rental and Box Office income alone don't cover our expenses, so we rely on supporters like you to make contributions. Now, more than ever, with 205 days and more than 205 days lost, we need your support. This auction is the perfect opportunity to raise money for the Wood, and get yourself some goodies!

All funds raised will help keep the Wood Theater afloat during this unprecedented time, and ensure we can reopen strong and ready to continue provide the Greater Glens Falls Area with quality, accessible entertainment.

THANK YOU for your support and good luck! 


Have questions? Please contact us!

Charles R. Wood Theater, INC.

Thank you for your support!

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